2018 CERPP Earthquake Exercise

The 2018 CERPP Earthquake Exercise will be held on January 20 from 9AM to noon.

New division leaders and block captians - Get a helping hand organizing for the exercise

Several division leaders that have done many past exercises were on hand to help you get your exercise organized, January 4th 2018, at the Woodside Village Hub, 3154 Woodside Road at 6pm. An audio recording (mp3, 77.3 MB, 1:20:33 duration) of this session can be downloaded.

Post Exercise Debrief / Division Leadership Meeting: January 25th, 7pm.

All Divisions are encouraged to participate in the 2018 CERPP-Wide earthquake response exercise. Well organized Divisions will set up simulated damage and injury situations in their neighborhoods. Other Divisions will be working around a kitchen table reviewing simulated damage and discussing how they could respond. Town and County officials will be in their Emergency Operations Centers. They will be dispatching services, relaying requests for assistance, and developing an overall picture of the damage that has resulted from the earthquake. Goals:

Ways for Divisions to Participate

Basic Participation - Just Getting Started Divisions

Gather some neighbors around a kitchen table or a back yard and review a set of simulated damage signs. Discuss what you might do about them. Complete the Rapid Needs Assessment Form for the addresses on the cards. Better yet, consider taking the Rapid Needs Assessment Form out for a walk in a small part of your neighborhood to learn what it might take just to get "eyes on" homes in your Division. Get a sense for where your Division is, how big it is, and how you might go about preforming a quick damage assessment. Use your findings the next time you are trying to get more neighbors involved in your Division's program.


Intermediate Participation - Organized Divisions

Select a single street or a small group of streets. Place simulated damage signs. Work with your neighbors to do a damage survey using the new Rapid Needs Assessment form. When a group reaches a damage sign, note the damage on the form, and discuss what actions you might take. If you have radios you use within your Division, have your groups report flash and high priority incidents to the division leaders / command post. Communicate with your Town's Emergency Operations Center about your most serious incidents and make any resources requests you feel you would need using the Division radio.


Advanced Participation - Well Organized Divisions

Here are some ideas for how a well-organized Division could participate: